Network support and maintenance services

Network support and maintenance services

Get insured …

Why !!!

specialized services are being outsourced around the world?

In this type of contract, you pay a fixed amount in exchange for maintenance service. Failure to provide principled service will cause service instability and highly costly for the contractor to fix various problems and as a result, the contract will be loss-making.

For a profitable contract, the contractor must maintain and observe the service by the standard principles and on-time inspections, so that he can complete the contract at a lower cost. That would be the best guarantee of performance without knowing the expertise of the executor

You just focus on your business

This is how it works

Get Started



Sign the contract


Counseling sessions


Initial setup


Create access levels


Set up monitoring


Launch the backup process




Report problem to the customer support


Analyze, add necessary tags and raise a support ticket to the related expert by the call center


On-the-job time scheduling according to SLA rules by the planning department


Fix the problem by the relevant expert


Checking on the problem rectification by the relevant department manager

Periodic controls

  • Checking the network performance and components on a 24/7 basis via monitoring
  • Periodical security check based on Comco’s checkmark on the entire network components
  • Users’ feedback
  • Hardware health check and dusting

Monthly fix payment

No extra payment for troubleshooting

Enjoy the following benefits by using this service

خدمات شبکه

Periodic services

Users’ feedback, hardware dusting and health check, security checklist control, ensure the health of running services

سرویس رایانه

Spare computer

In case your computer needs to be sent for repair, we lend you a spare one so you can carry on with your daily basis work


کال سنتر

Flexible customer service

Customer support via ticketing software, Whatsapp or Telegram groups, email, fax, and phone.
امنیت اطلاعات

Security control

Data traffic, access level, internet access for users and services, periodical security checklist control on servers, and…


Counseling sessions

On-demand consultation by the customer in regards to on-going services and how to use them, installable services, network security tips, solutions to administrative problems, and…

امنیت سایبری

FREE anti-virus

Free installation on clients and servers, systems health, and update monitoring

خدمات ریموتی

Troubleshooting by phone and remote

After reporting a problem, you will immediately receive a call or message from the relevant expert
پشتیبانی و نگهداری

On-site troubleshooting

You will have our support on-site in case of failure in remote troubleshooting within four working hours.
(the timing is currently for our customers based in Tehran)



Comco will be monitoring your computer network components’ health on a 24/7 basis and any detected problem will be fixed automatically

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