About Comco

The activity of the group started in 1992 under the name of Persian Padana Company. With the advice of branding experts, in 1995, a new company named Kara Ide Mandege was registered under the brand name Kamco, and all the members of the previous company started their activities in the new complex. From the beginning until now, Mr. Mehdi Izadpanah has been responsible for the management and ideation of the collection. Kamco currently provides all the services needed for computer networks. Currently, about 60 companies and factories use the services of this collection.

In order to expand the activities in 1995, it was decided to enter the software manufacturing industry. Therefore, the company’s cooperation with the Shar software collection, which had a complete set of financial and administrative software needed by companies, began.

During the last few years, the idea of establishing branches outside Iran has been proposed, during which this group has started its official activity in Turkey and Canada.

پرسنل کامکو
پرسنل کامکو

Norouz 2019