Advantages of using fiber optic cable in the network
کابل فیبر نوری

The first question you may face is what is fiber optic cable?

As the name implies, its main mechanism is by light transmission. In fact, fiber optic cable contains a number of thin and transparent strands. These filaments are often made of plastic or glass.

When light enters one end of a fiber optic cable, it is transmitted to the end by the strands and exits.

Impact of fiber optic cable on the network

Fiber optic cable is a network cable, this cable contains a large number of glass strands that are stored inside an insulated enclosure. The biggest advantage of fiber optic cable is its very high bandwidth. This feature has the ability to support bandwidth of about 10 Gbps.

This transmission speed has greatly increased the speed of networks and servers equipped with fiber optic cable and is much more popular than older models of network cable. Another very important point is the range of these cables.

Older models of network cables were generally made of copper wire and did not have such a high range. But fiber optic cable has allowed network specialists to cable over long distances and increase the maneuverability of their servers.

In the early sixties, fiber optic cable arrived in Iran as a research project. The first production line was opened in Yazd, but the shadow of the war prevented the growth and development of this production line. This situation continued for several years after the end of the war. But with the end of that situation, it improved and this production line practically started its activity in 1994 with a production capacity of 50,000 kilometers of cable per year.

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Server rack

Network and server support services

به صورت كلي مي توان اين كابل ها را در دو دسته بسيار كلي قرار داد. These two categories can be introduced as single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables. These two categories can be introduced as single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables These cables are designed to use one fiber for each signal. قطر هسته اين كابل ها عموما خيلي كوچك بوده و چیزی در حدود 9 ميكرون است.

Multimode cables are mostly used for use in computer networks. These cables can use one fiber to send more signals.

The advantage of fiber optic cables

As mentioned before, copper fiber was used to make network cables before fiber optics. مزايای بسيار زياد فيبر هاي نوري تمام دنيا را بر اين وا داشت كه استفاده از كابل فيبر نوری را جايگزين كابل هاي قديمی تر كنند. At first glance, these cables, in addition to being smaller in size and price than older models, also cover a higher capacity.

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همانطور كه مي دانيد تضعيف سيگنال در كابل فيبر نوری بسيار پايين تر از نمونه هاي قديمي كابل شبكه است. به همين جهت مي توان از فرستنده هايي بسيار سبك تر استفاده كرد. اين امر تا حد بسيار زيادی مصرف برق شبكه شما را پايين آورده و آن را بهينه مي كند.

مزيت ديگر انعطاف پذيري اين كابل ها است. انعطاف پذيري بسيار خوب اين كابل ها به كارشناس شبكه اين امكان را ميدهد كه با قدرت مانور بسيار بيشتري اقدام به كابل كشي كرده و قدرت شبكه را تا حد بسيار زيادي افزايش دهد. تمام اين موارد باعث شده اند تا استفاده از اين كابل از هر نظر عالي و به صرفه تر باشد.

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