What are the tasks of a penetration testing expert

In this article, we intend to discuss a specific job regarding cybersecurity, namely, penetration testing expert. It is one of those attractive jobs that might be attractive to anyone interested in programming and networking. However, this work is very difficult and not everyone can afford it. In other words, it is a very important and sensitive job that requires a lot of skills and there are few experts in this field. Now, in this article, we are going to go to this job and give you all the necessary information about it so that you can get acquainted with this attractive job. If you are interested in the field of network support, programming and data, penetration testing expert is the right job for you. Be sure to read this article completely, maybe you yourself will be interested in this work and want to pursue it. Stay with us by the end.

What do we learn about in this article?

Penetration testing expert
Who is a penetration testing expert?
The duties of a penetration testing expert
What skills should a white hat hacker have in relation to penetration testing?
What personality traits does a penetration testing expert have?

Penetration testing expert

As we move forward and face more technological and network developments, the need for cyber security increases. This is where a job called a penetration testing expert, also known as a penetration tester, comes into play. Of course, these people, who are experts in the field of cybersecurity, are also called “white hat hackers” whose job is to discover security errors and bugs and take action to correct them. These hackers are never looking for personal gain in any way and they want to use the skills they have in the right way, and that’s why diverse companies need them to ensure the security of their network. In the following, we intend to get to know more about such cybersecurity activists and talk more about the details of their work and characteristics.

Who is a penetration testing expert?

Penetration testing expert has one of the most attractive but most difficult jobs in the field of information security. This white hat hacker is familiar with security bugs and loopholes and tries to know the path of black hat hackers before they penetrate the system and take measures to fix it. As you know, one of the most important assets of an organization is the ability to protect and maintain its network, and this is why the need for such white hat hackers is increasing day by day.

Duties of a penetration testing expert:

Penetration testing expert has different tasks depending on the company and organization he is working in. Accordingly, these tasks are all mentioned in the description of the tasks of the contracts, but in general, they are a series of tasks that usually all white hat hackers must perform in an organization or company. These tasks are all difficult tasks and require a lot of knowledge in the field of computer network support and software and include the followings:

Performing penetration test and vulnerability assessment of all types of web services and software packages
Working with penetration testing tools for various web services and software packages
Developing and providing all kinds of web services and software packages
Managing penetration testing process
Implementing product penetration simulation exercises and identifying product weaknesses
Providing guidance and advice to reduce future intrusion risks
Documenting the penetration test and do everything related to it
Submitting reports on testing all types of web services and software packages to relevant senior officials

What skills should a white hat hacker have regarding the penetration testing?

We have seen how fascinating and yet difficult the job we are talking about is. So, as a result, maybe this question has been formed in our mind, what skills does such a person need to be able to perform all the tasks that we have mentioned? First of all, we name a series of educational qualifications that a “penetration testing expert” should have, and then we will discuss the skills that a person should learn in training courses. These qualifications are:

Information Technology Engineering, Information Systems Management
Information Technology and Security Engineering
Information Technology Engineering
Information Technology Engineering, Information Security

There are some skills that a white hat hacker should have, since this person is known with these skills and big companies come to him/her to entrust their network security and network and hardware support services to him/her. We examine a series of these skills together in this article:

Mastery of penetration testing
Familiarity with penetration testing tools
Encryption of information and data
Planning and organizing
Principles of report writing
Familiarity with security testing standards
Analytical and abstract thinking skills
Problem-solving skills

What personality traits does a penetration testing expert have?

A penetration testing expert is good at problem solving and organizing. One of the most obvious personality traits of these people is that they often have an introverted personality, and that’s why they need to work a little more on their communication skills and do more group works. These people must have a lot of patience because penetration testing and network security related issues always require very high precision analysis. These people should be aware of new topics in the field of networking and cybersecurity and like to add to their information in different fields every day. This is because as technology advances every day, network insecurities and bugs also increase simultaneously and take different forms that a penetration testing expert should know them well.

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